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Cherry Willingham, Reepham, Fiskerton and Langworth Ward,

Parliamentary and District Elections Thursday 7th May 2015

Lincolnshire Independent Candidate concentrating on local issues, not politics.


I am standing as an independent candidate and as a member of the Lincolnshire Independents, already the second largest group on the County Council, to put your interests first and not those of a political party. As a team we will have real influence over events at County Hall.

Four years ago I was elected as an independent district councillor for Fiskerton and Langworth and my reasons for standing as a County Councillor now are the same as when I stood then.

Before I was elected, I actively assisted the campaign against an open windrow composting site at Fiskerton. It helped me win. Had I been a party candidate I would have had to support the proposal. Since then I have come across a number of other, essentially local issues, which are of no interest to Westminster politics but are of major importance to local communities.

How our council tax is spent and the cut back of essential services across the county are typical.

With regards to money, my biggest gripe is the £145M incinerator plant at North Hykeham. You can see its huge mass from the Pride of Lincoln roundabout on the A46. Far cheaper, better, proven alternatives costing less than £45M were available when the plant was ordered, and a Defra PFI credit of perhaps £100 million could have been used to lessen the financial burden on Lincolnshire Council Tax payers. It has to be the worst business deal I have ever seen and as a result, services, such as funding to adults and children with special needs have been cut. Thirty day centres across the county are to close as a result.

It is the same with roads, highways and footpaths. Not only do we pay out £ millions in road tax, petrol tax and council tax, many of the roads and pavements in the district are more akin to poorer parts of Mexico. Yet the County Council seems to have a policy of not spending its full existing budget allocation to get the job done. Why? and Why are there plans to build 42,000 houses in Central Lincolnshire when our roads and services should be maintained to an adequate standard first?

Christopher Darcel, A.N.C.E., M.I.Agr.E., H.N.C. Building Construction, Lincoln College,

3 Holmfield, Fiskerton, Lincoln. LN3 4GD

I trained as an Agricultural Engineer and worked in the farm machinery manufacturing industry for a number of years. I then ran my own fitted kitchen business for a similar period. For the last 25 years my livelihood has revolved round sales, computers, and the drawing program "AutoCAD". In 2006 I gained an HNC in building construction and six years ago I launched "First Impressions" to creates "as built" photographs of yet to be built buildings for the construction industry.

To contact me please email or phone me on 01522 750 411 or

  Twitter  @chrisdarcel